New Smiles from Dr Gary White, DDS
Dr. White really knows what he is doing and encouraged me whenever I felt unsure. Now I wonder why I waited so long!
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New patients are always surprised
and pleased at the dentistry we
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First visits to our office can be a little
bit surprising to some patients
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Our patients are always pleased at the dentistry we offer. Here are some of their testimonials.


I started seeing Dr. White because his office was convenient – I drove by it daily. I stayed because of the great service. My teeth were in good condition and I felt good about them, but over the years with Dr. White, I decided to have my veneers replaced to make myself feel better about smiling. I was apprehensive, but Dr. White and his staff were very patient and understanding with me and helped me relax. They listen to your needs and help in any way they can. Dr. White removed my old veneers, made impressions and placed my beautiful, new veneers. Good things do take a little time, but I was comfortable through the whole process. Now I have whiter teeth, a great smile and a lot more self-confidence! If you want to improve your smile, Dr. White is the
professional you need!


I have been coming to see Dr. White since Dr. Murphy retired. My family and I originally started seeing him for routine checkups and preventive care, but recently, I had crowns placed to keep what was left of my eroded teeth and their roots. The procedure went totally as Dr. White described it would, and I am so satisfied with the feeling and appearance of my new restorations. I would give Dr. White and his staff an A+!


I had an accident when I was in fourth grade that affected my smile. I had four crowns placed but by the time I began seeing Dr. White. They were about 30 years old. They just didn’t look natural and I was always a little self-conscious. I had not had them replaced because I was afraid that new ones would look just as bad. But Dr. White has a certain confidence that eases your mind. He really knows what he is doing and encouraged me whenever I felt unsure. Now I wonder why I waited so long! It took a number of hours but I felt no pain at all. My whole family comes to Dr. White – my wife really likes him and the team is very professional and takes a great interest in every patient. I would recommend him to anyone.


I was Dr. Murphy’s patient before he retired. Because I wanted good oral health and attractive teeth, I decided to see Dr. White. He suggested that we place new caps on my teeth, because they were crumbling after an accident. I was a little bit worried – there were so many teeth that needed to be addressed – but Dr. White and his staff were very friendly, helpful, considerate and kind and I had absolutely no pain or discomfort. Now I have beautiful new teeth in my smile! Dr. White and his staff are the best and I will be forever grateful for the treatment I received.


I have been seeing Dr. White for about 20 years. I was missing two teeth and they showed when I smiled and food would stick in the spaces. It was very hard to smile or talk with those teeth missing. Dr. White educated me on the problems unhealthy or missing teeth can cause and recommended a bridge. I decided to go ahead with this recommendation to bring my appearance back to what it was and to help me chew better. Dr. White placed a four-tooth bridge and I had absolutely no pain; I was comfortable through it all. Now my teeth look like they have always been there! Dr. White and his staff are a great team – they are always there when you need them. They have been so great with my family and with me. I would recommend them anytime, to anybody!