Emergency Dentistry Information
The procedure went totally as Dr. White described it would, and I am so satisfied with the feeling and appearance of my new restorations. I would give Dr. White and his staff an A+! - Bill
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New patients are always surprised
and pleased at the dentistry we
First Visit
First visits to our office can be a little
bit surprising to some patients
While some questions are easier to answer than others, this is one of the most common. READ MORE...

Emergency Dentistry


Jenny falls off her bike. Michael slips on a wet floor. Your stoneware coffee cup knocks into your front tooth on the way to work. A crown pops off while you are eating a bowl of popcorn. Dental emergencies happen and they just aren’t any fun.

When the unexpected happens, isn’t it nice to know that you can turn to your trusted team of dental professionals for help? Dr. Gary White and his team are here to calm, sooth and restore your smile.

Patients of record need to simply call our number – even after office hours. You will be directed to an emergency number where you will receive, from either Dr. White or one of the staff, advice on what to do while you wait or we will schedule an emergency office visit.

Even if you aren’t a patient yet, call us during office hours and we will do everything we can to fit you in. We're here to help.